Aperitivo Rosato

A combination of fresh and light flavours. Notes of hibiscus and orange blossom give the Aperitivo its floral, fruity flavour, making it a refreshingly graceful beverage. Aperitivo Rosato is your ideal company for your spring and summer cocktails, to discover the beauty of #ItaliaDaBere.

Aperitivo Rosato


orange blossom Orange blossom is the orange tree’s white flower. It has a fresh, floral aroma and is often used in wedding bouquets.
hibiscus Flower Hibiscus flowers have sweet, fruity notes. They are native to Asia though it’s well diffused in lago Maggiore area

How to Enjoy

Nutritional Values

  • ABV 15%
  • VOLUME per 10g alcohol 85ml
  • CALORIES per 10g alcohol 163kcal
  • TOTAL FAT per 10g alcohol 0g
  • SATURATED FAT per 10g alcohol 0g
  • TOTAL CARBOHYDRATE per 10g alcohol 23g
  • PROTEIN per 10g alcohol 0g

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