To those who live intensity. Discover the unique combination between star anise and liquorice. It’s the taste of Italian Heartiness.



star anise Star anise comes from a tropical plant. The star-shaped fruit has a strong, powerful flavour similar to liquorice.
cinnamon Native to Sri Lanka, cinnamon has traditionally been considered worthy of monarchs thanks to its aphrodisiac properties and intense aroma.

How to Enjoy

Nutritional Values

  • ABV 40%
  • VOLUME per 10g alcohol 32%
  • CALORIES per 10g alcohol 115kcal
  • TOTAL FAT per 10g alcohol 0g
  • SATURATED FAT per 10g alcohol 0g
  • TOTAL CARBOHYDRATE per 10g alcohol 11g
  • PROTEIN per 10g alcohol 0g

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